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Are you tapping the full potential of your Facebook ads?
5/2/23 by Reputable Image

Demystifying Meta Pixel: An In-Depth Explanation

So your small business is starting to see the potential that social media has to offer. You've obtained an audience and have ran successful ad campaigns, but you still feel your ads on Facebook and Instagram could do better. You COULD be doing better, if you were using Meta Pixel.

In the recent years, new technologies have surged that allow ads to reach audiences that are more likely to buy a product or service, which translates to more conversions. One of the tools that makes this possible is Meta Pixel.

This has happened to more than one of us:  Imagine you're over on Amazon, looking at some running shoes you'd like to buy. You find something you really liked, but at this time you're not actually going to buy them. So you get off Amazon without actually making a purchase. Later, scrolling through social media, you notice one of the ads is for a familiar item you checked out on Amazon... It's the shoes you were checking out! The same shoes!

This is exactly the kind of ad you can create for your business - an ad for something a potential customer is already interested in, but for whatever reason didn't make the purchase at that time. An ad like that would be highly likely to result in conversions, wouldn't you agree?

This kind of ad is possible with the Meta Pixel.

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Now you know!

Meta Pixel allows you to track activity on your website, such as page views, user clicks, and more. Anything your website visitors click on can be remembered by the pixel. By collecting this information, you're able to create "audiences" for your Facebook ads targeting people who were viewing the products you offer.

At Reputable Image, we believe in empowering small businesses, so we'll tell you all you need to know about Meta Pixel and why you should use it.

So what exactly is Meta Pixel?

At its core, a Meta Pixel is a snippet of code that is added to a web page or app. If this is something that seems intimidating to you, rest assured, it's very easy to use. It takes minutes to install it and afterwards, you get to reap its benefits for as long as you want!
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Behind the scenes, Reputable Image takes care of the complex stuff for you!

This is how it works. When a user interacts with the website or app associated with it, the Pixel is triggered, which allows your business to track the user's behavior. This can include information such as which pages the user visited, how long they stayed on each page, and which links they clicked on.

By tracking user behavior on a website, you can gain insights into which pages and content are most popular within your audience, which types of calls-to-action are most effective, which of your products are the most popular, and ultimately, which types of users are most likely to do business with you. This data can then be used to optimize the reach of your Facebook and Instagram ads by targeting specific audiences, thus improving the overall user experience, and maximizing your chances of reaching out to visitors who are just about ready to convert.
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Another important feature of Meta Pixel is its ability to track users across multiple devices and sessions. Because the Meta Pixel code is added to the website itself, rather than to a specific device or browser, it can track users even if they switch devices or clear their browsing history. This allows businesses to get a more complete picture of user behavior and make more informed decisions about their marketing strategies.

So how can my business benefit from the data obtained from Meta Pixel?

Once you've let your Pixel work and gather information on what people do on your website (what products they click on, what pages they visit, and more), the ads you run on Facebook or Instagram can be directly sent to these newly-compiled audiences. So instead of Meta sending your ad to 1000 random people, the 1000 people that will see your new ad campaign about a product on your website will be people that already know about that product. Moreover, they likely are already interested in said product, even ready to buy!
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Businesses that use Meta Pixel have reported an increased ROAS on their ad campaigns!

Full disclosure, while Meta Pixel can be a useful tool for marketers, there are also concerns about privacy and data collection. Because Meta Pixel allows the sender to track user behavior, some users may feel uncomfortable with the practice. As a result of these concerns, many web browsers and specific companies (such as Apple, for example) now include features that allow users to block or disable activity tracking. Additionally, many websites and email marketers now include notices and opt-out options for users who do not want their behavior to be tracked. For this reason, the activity you get reported from a tool like Meta Pixel will only include those users who don't have any issue with activity tracking, so rest assured your ads are only reaching people with their consent.

In conclusion

So, now you know! Meta Pixel is a powerful tool for businesses looking to expand into the digital marketing world. Meta Pixel can provide valuable data that businesses can use to target specific users on their ad campaigns by tracking user clicks, page views, and other types of behavior. At Reputable Image, social media marketing is one of the many tools under our belt, and one we're very eager to implement on your small business! Contact us today to get started!

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